Discover this fairytale cabin in Hawaii - every room is breathtaking

Upon first approaching this cabin, you immediately realize you have discovered something special. Arriving at evening with the lights on, you can see how the interior of the cabin is bright and open, yet maintains a high level of privacy. As you will see when we step inside, that high picture window brightens the entire interior.
Located in the gorgeous countryside of Maui, Hawaii, adorable Gingerbread House has a great location (just ten minutes from the beach), and a colorful history since its 1930's beginnings. Listed as a vacation rental on Airbnb, this quaint cabin is the perfect way to explore one of the most extraordinary natural landscapes in the United States.
The name - Gingerbread House - is apt for this fairytale-like cabin. It's a cute little retreat into nature and looks like something out of the imagination of the Brothers Grimm.
The cabin certainly benefits from the high ceiling and large windows, allowing the gorgeous Hawaiian sunshine to pour into the home. As you recline on the sofa, you have constant views of the tree tops. Nice!
The studio floor plan has a queen-sized bed and a fold-out sofa, giving a sleeping capacity of four adults.
The designated sleeping area features fewer windows, creating a cozy space to retreat at the end of the day.
The stylish kitchenette has granite counters, a microwave, a coffee maker, burners, and a toaster oven. It is perfectly adequate for preparing simple meals.
A cute dining set sits at the front of the house, with lovely views of the gardens.
The bathroom is decorated with custom tiling and woodwork for a robust, rugged feel.
The spacious shower is a welcome modern addition to this rustic home.
The bathroom walls are punctuated with many blocks of privacy glass, brightening the wood-paneled walls.
Notice the picture of legendary left-handed improvisational guitar wonder Jimi Hendrix? Rumor has it the great man himself stayed here in the 1970s. Did he sing a voodoo chile in the shower? It is a mystery which shall forever remain shrouded in a purple haze.
Returning to the garden, we find plenty of the tropical fruits native to luscious Hawaii.
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