Explore this historic cabin from 1851 for a glimpse into America's rural past

Upon approaching this attractive log cabin, you immediately notice it is a little different to the others. We love well-aged log homes, the eye-catching rustic elements which bring a cabin to life cannot be manufactured, they develop naturally over the years. This one has it in abundance.
Brae Brooks is a quaint log cabin which was originally constructed in 1851. The years are deeply ingrained in the walls, with both the interior and exterior displaying the gorgeous rugged highlights you can only find in a wooden retreat which has stood the test of time.
Located in rural Montreat, NC, this lovely little cabin is available for vacations on Greybeard Rentals. Shall we take a look at how the years have crafted this cabin?
We enter via the covered front porch. The cabin features gorgeous tones in the wood which have developed from years of exposure to the elements. The rocking chair on the front porch is an idyllic scene for any log home enthusiast; just the way it used to be in settlement times!
Inside the house, we find a cozy living space with a commanding central fireplace. Wood is a fantastic insulator, and combined with the low ceiling, this home will quickly warm up in those fresher evenings.
The main floor encompasses the living room, kitchen, dining area, and a full bathroom. It is a simple living space which perfectly complements the back-to-basics lifestyle.
The log walls are an attractive feature throughout the home. Furnished with classic findings, the cabin is tastefully designed with timeless fittings which seamlessly connect with the wooden construction.
The kitchen in Brae Brooks is separated from the main living area, creating a peaceful space to inspire a meal. With direct access to the outdoors, where to eat lunch can be decided on a whim.
The sleeping quarters are located on the upper floor of the cabin, just a short walk up the delightful rustic staircase.
As we enter the loft, we find the first sleeping space. The loft has been converted to host a single bed and bunk beds.
Log cabins breed a lifestyle of outdoors activities and friendly conversation. A bedroom is often just a place to rest at the end of the day, and this loft looks like a charming place to wake up in the morning.
The main bedroom is also located on the upper floor. It includes a double bed and an attached full bathroom.
One of the best thing about the log cabin lifestyle is the seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Looking inside from the back door, we can see how the house's open flow gives a sense of always being connected to nature.
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