Take a peek inside a modest log cabin where sleek and rustic combine perfectly

Retreating to a log cabin in the woods is like traveling through time - it takes us back to the simple life before globalization to when America was first colonized. We get an enormous sense of satisfaction from spending days surrounded by the abundance of nature, which gives us the sense of calm we want out of a vacation.
Listed as a vacation rental on Airbnb, this handsome log cabin is located close to Boone in North Carolina. It is a good place to base yourself for day trips to the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian Trail.
While the exterior has the appearance of a cabin from bygone years, the interior has modern convenience yet maintains the fundamental principle of rustic design. Care to take a look? Let's go.
As we approach the cabin, our first impressions are of its lack of pretension. The woodland surround creates a picturesque scene, but this image gives away none of the secrets of the cabin's interior.
Taking a look from the rear, we can see how this cabin has a much more commanding presence than what we first thought.
We enter the cabin via the spacious deck. It includes rocking chairs and a porch swing - perfect for those idyllic, timeless moments.
Upon entering the house, we are immediately astonished by the quality of finishes in the cabin. The dark stain on the wood highlights the natural tones, creating a cozy and intimate space to relax in the evening.
The kitchen is often the heartbeat of any home, and the open-concept floor plan means no one is ever excluded from the party. The olive-green cabinetry is a bold move which really pays off. The splash of color clearly defines the room and subtly adds character.
Adjacent to the kitchen is the designated dining area, featuring a large table for formal or informal meals.
The master bedroom is located on the upper floor and has a spacious feel despite the chunky furniture. I can imagine waking up to the peaceful sounds of the wildlife outside - what a dream!
The main bathroom is shared between the master bedroom and the second bedroom. It has well-appointed fixtures and fittings which are in keeping with the quality on display throughout the home.
The second bedroom is equally as spacious as the master and includes a couch which folds out into a king-sized bed. This gives your living space adaptability, meaning it can effortlessly function as a second lounge.
The ground floor includes this informal living room/TV room. It is ideal for family time and benefits from direct access to the garden.
This charming log cabin has a 3rd bedroom, again, which isn't cramped and stuffy. This generously-spaced room has two single beds, meaning the cabin can easily house a large party of adults.
The second bathroom is also located on the ground floor. There's a laundry room, too, which is certain to prove necessary when returning home from a long day hiking in the woods.
This beautiful cabin sits in a gorgeous nature area. It is adjacent to Laurel Creek so you always have the relaxing sound of flowing water.
For us, this cabin is perfect. It is an introduction to the rustic life without requiring the commitment of going full hermit.
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