Take a look inside this gorgeous secluded cabin – it's got an eye-opening secret out back

Arriving at this attractive log home, you instantly get a sense of peace and seclusion. Located in the Great Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, surrounded by a charming forest, this log cabin is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life — and a fantastic opportunity to escape from it all.
Known as Hemlock Hollow, this lovely cabin is available as a vacation rental on VRBO. It is a fantastic opportunity to explore the awesome beauty of rural America, with an interior that isn't demanding on its residents.
The cabin has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a few secrets that we will discover throughout the tour. Are you ready to take a look around?
While the entrance to the house has a deck that spans the entire front, the rear of the house has a quiet terrace with a stone furniture set. This looks like a peaceful place to enjoy lunch with friends — nice!
Inside the house, you are blown away by the incredible great room. It is palatial yet rustic, with a solid stone fireplace and gorgeous warm tones throughout due to the wood paneling.
While some cabins have entire walls of glass to ensure the interior has plenty of natural light, this cabin doesn't require it. A few windows easily brighten the living space, while the white walls help to reflect the light around the house.
The main living area has an open concept between the lounge and the dining room. This elegant table and chairs are the perfect place for dinner and can be as formal or informal as you please.
The kitchen in Hemlock Hollow is located in a separate room. It is a modern space with contemporary appliances and cabinetry that keeps the rustic theme. While clean and with ample counter space, this kitchen seems a bit modern for a log cabin; what do you think?
Hemlock Hollow's first bedroom is situated on ground floor. The robust and rugged furniture make this room stand out. It is cozy and inviting, with timeless antique-style furniture.
A bathroom is attached to the first bedroom. The contrast of the rough log wall and the bright fittings is impressive.
The second bedroom is located upstairs, and this one is even better than the first bedroom. Again, the furniture anchors this room, and a view of the lush woods greets you when you  wake up in the morning.
The upstairs bedroom also benefits from an attached full bathroom.
Stepping outside of the house, you discover one of the cabin's secrets...
Outdoor space is a must for any log home, but a hot tub? This could keep anyone here all the way through to winter!
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