Unique cabin's quirky facade encases a refreshing, minimalist interior that is worth the visit

I assume many of you are the same as me; I love looking at the broad range of log cabins there are around the world. What I enjoy the most is the fact that no two cabins are every the same - they all have their own unique character - and I like nothing more than finding a beautiful oddity.
The Nest is a tiny home in the woods, listed on Airbnb. This is exactly the kind of cabin I am drawn to - the quirky exterior oozes individuality, while the interior is awash with natural light and fresh air. When I first looked at this cabin, I immediately could see myself living here.
Located in Swannanoa, NC, this charming one-bedroom cabin covers approximately 300 square feet of living space. As vacation rentals go, this is the perfect introduction to the Appalachian lifestyle.
Entering into the living room, my first impressions are of the clean lines and neutral space the cabin has. The whitewashed walls allow the light to reflect around the cabin, while the cathedral ceiling creates the illusion of a floor plan larger than its actual square footage.
The living room is a cozy area which benefits from a clever space-saving design. It keeps the room free from clutter, a feature throughout the entire cabin.
There is nothing more satisfying than returning to a log cabin after a long day hiking in the woods. This couch looks so inviting - I could just melt right into it!
A cute writing desk is cleverly built into the staircase. Did you ever finish your novel? Well, the peace and quiet of this cabin could create the ideal place to finally get it done. If not, well, it is a nice place to pretend to work while actually watching cat videos on YouTube.
The kitchen is a fully equipped room, including a range and a small fridge.
The large sink with traditional faucets is an attractive addition; however, I am slightly concerned about the lack of worktop space. Chopping carrots in my hands is surely a recipe for disaster...
The kitchen does come complete with a breakfast bar and has a large window which overlooks the woods. I could get used to that view as I sip my morning coffee - nice!
The bedroom in The Nest is located on the upper floor. While there is plenty of headroom, it is not quite ideal for showing off your dancing skills. Having said that, I go to log cabins for the outdoors lifestyle, the bedroom being a place to lay my head at the end of the day. Yes, this is just fine.
With only 300 square feet (28 square meters) of interior living space, the bathroom was never going to mirror the palatial boudoirs of a single-family home. That said, the room is attractively decorated with the same clean lines we have seen throughout the house. I like it!
While I love this truly unique cabin, the reasons drawing me here are pictured above. Quiet nights playing guitar around a campfire, with not too many people around to complain about my awful singing!
For me, The Nest is great. What do you think? Comment on Facebook and don't forget to SHARE with your friends!
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