Stepping inside this cool blue cabin is like walking into another world: The interior is a stunner

Here is something you don't see every day; this cool rustic cabin adds a welcoming flash of color to the surrounding woodland scene. While most cabins remain unpainted, this unique blue retreat doesn't appear at all out of place among its vibrant green neighbors.
The exterior has developed nicely over the years to give the weathered appearance some people desire in a rustic home. Modern wooden palaces just do not have the same appeal as their well-seasoned forefathers.
Located in Ontario, Canada, this cabin is listed as a vacation rental on Kijiji and could be ideal for those looking for a woodland retreat. The exterior is a rustic delight, but inside, we find a quality space that keeps the rugged outdoors theme yet is very livable. Care to take a look?
What do you think? The exterior is different, with weathered powder-blue paneling that looks great in every season.
Stepping inside, it is hard to believe this is the same cabin you saw from outside. While the exterior is slightly dilapidated, the interior looks fresh, clean, modern and robust.
The kitchen benefits from the open-concept living area, meaning the chef of the family doesn't become a social pariah during mealtime. It's a large space with modern appliances, a dining set and ample worktop space.
The main living room is a spacious and bright area that has direct access to the outdoor deck. Plenty of comfortable furniture should minimize the decision of "who gets to slump where" after returning from a long day hiking in the woods.
The interior of this cabin has none of the rough elements seen from the outside. The floor and ceiling are finished with high-quality polished wood.
The cabin has two bedrooms, both featuring queen-sized beds. While neither room inspires in any great way, they do seem like cozy spaces to rest. Let's face it, you wouldn't come to this cabin to spend your days lying in bed!
The cabin has two deck areas — one with a barbecue grill — and a fire pit. Living in a log cabin is about reconnecting with nature. The more outdoors space available, the better!
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